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Here to provide you with essential self-care services.

 We are devoted to supporting the parents and primary caretakers of individuals with disabilities. 

About Us at POCWASN


POCWASN Self-Care Services

POCWASN focuses on ensuring the health and well being of those caring for special needs individuals so that they can address the unique and pervasive physical and emotional challenges of their care-giving role from a place of health and well being. Our self-care services offer relief and relaxation from the stress that many of us face in our day-to-day lives.


Meet Our Founder, Syrenthia Colino

Our Founder and CEO Syrenthia Colino lives out the mission of POCWASN. At the age of 19, her 2-year-old son Stephen was diagnosed with autism. She became a strong advocate and navigated through an endless maze of doctors, clinics and treatment centers. As 20 years of advocating and serving as the primary caregiver for her son, she reached a breaking point. She became emotionally exhausted and had to enlist the support of close friends and family to rejuvenate and jump-start her life. Her process was an endless and deliberate amount of self-care. It was this experience that helped her to birth Parents of Children with All Special Needs (POCWASN). 


Our Mission at POCWASN

We are a Non-Profit Organization - 501(c)3 and it is our goal is to provide services to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul of the families/caregivers who dedicate themselves to the service of caring for people with special needs. We aspire to change the quality of life for all our clients through the provision of excellent self care services. We are devoted to supporting the parents and primary caretakers of individuals with disabilities. 

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Parents of Children With All Special Needs

7449 Reseda Boulevard, Reseda, California 91335, United States

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Are you interested in serving as a sponsor for a parent who is in need of self care services? Giving sponsorship to a family in need is a rewarding experience. Thank you in advance for your support.  

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